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Sunday, 2 November 2014

Instructions to Add Optimized Meta Tags to Blogger

by Jalore Info System  |  in Tips & Tricks at  04:40
Meta tags have significant values in our on page seo process. At the starting of optimization, we do add meta tags to our web pages. Do you know why? Its because of serving structured metadata. Lets talk about the search engine crawlers. How could they find out the exact information of a webpage? Apparently they need hints or clues for proper identification. The meta tags help the crawlers to grab all those real facts.

Its for sure that helping the crawlers will be helping your ranking. So, the meta tags are recommended in all sorts of websites. Especially for the blogs, those are really necessary to serve the exact info to the crawlers. The top two blog software are WordPress and Blogger. In wordpress, you dont need to think much about it. Because a simple plugin can handle all those. But in Blogger, you should really worry.

Blogger blogs dont have any built-in feature to add all the metadata. In fact, blogger is not so optimized as wordpress because of the old style of coding HTML and CSS. We have to work even harder than wordpress to add meta tags. So, here is the checklist we are gonna follow:

We Have to Add Optimized Title Tags
We Have to Add Meta Description Tags
We Have to Add Further Helpful Meta Tags
Lets Go For Adding Blogger Meta Tags
Blogger Meta Tags

How to Add Optimized Title Tags

The title tag is not actually a metatag. But its quite relevant to the meta title. In blogger, the main page title is placed between <title> and </title>. Its not actually a meta but works smoothly like that. Even nowadays, its rare to find out a site using meta title.  So, the title tag is preferred.

To set the title for your homepage, you can simply specify it from Dashboard > Settings > Title.

Isn't it so easy? But the problem is, homepage title will be seen in front of all inner page titles. However, you create a post, the homepage title will be showing in front of it. It would look really weird. To get relief of these unwanted issues, we have to do:

Go to Dashboard > Template > Edit HTML.
Find out the following line between the codes:
Replace the line with the following codes and it will remove the homepage title from all the post titles:
<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;index&quot;'>
However, if you want to show your homepage title after the post title, you should use these codes instead:

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;index&quot;'>
<title><data:blog.pageName/> - <data:blog.title/></title>
Save the template. Thats all. Now the problem might be solved.
Caution: Please backup your template before editing. It will protect your template for unwanted troubles.

How to Add Meta Description Tags

Blogger has settings to add custom descriptions. So you just need to activate it. Follow the steps:

Go to Dashboard > Settings > Description.
Write down your preferred description for the homepage.
We have added description meta for only the homepage. But how could we add for posts? Yeah, Blogger also has its functionality. But you will be able to specify custom descriptions for posts only when you enable description for the homepage. If you have enabled, then follow these steps:

Go to Dashboard > Posts.
Click edit for one of your posts or create a new one.
From the right sidebar of the editor, click search description and specify your custom one.
Update or publish the post.
How to Add Further Necessary Meta Tags

These are thousand of tag we could put. But that would be over optimization and surely treated as spam. But there is a bunch of useful ones, which would help our search engine visibility. I am sure you will be interested in it. Follow the steps for adding it to your Blogger:

Go to Dashboard > Template > Edit HTML.
Between <head> and</head>, place the following codes:
<meta name='author' content='author's name'/>
<meta name='email' content='author's email'/>
<meta name='language' content='author's language'/>
<meta name='country' content='author's country'/>
<meta name='generator' content='blogger'/>
<meta name='robots' content='noodp,noydir'/>
Save the template.
Caution: Again, please backup your template first before doing this process. And dont forget to put your own information on the red marked areas.

Few More Words About The Meta Tags

In this post, I have tried to explain how we should handle those tags for a new blog. I think, these are the basic ones. There are still a lot of tags we should be using. I have not discussed about all but will do a specific post about advantage seo meta tags.

You might have noticed that I have excluded keyword tag. You may ask me why. Then I will say, that is useless for Google SEO. Google made an announcement that they have stopped using the keyword tag for ranking. There is still a good amount of search engines using this. But we all are mainly dependent on Google. In fact, now these tags could help Google to identify keyword spam.

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Free domain Dot.tk for Blogspot.com

by Jalore Info System  |  in Free Domain at  04:19
It is safe to say that you are distributed your on-line journal with Blogger.com? It is safe to say that you are feeling that your long area name like your-blogname.blogspot.com, providing for you terrible notoriety at numerous perspectives? In the event that your answer is yes! At that point you came to correct place and read out my post.

Why would it be a good idea for me to change to custom space?

Internet searchers with the exception of Google, rest of all will never come about your blogspot well at their posting. Interpersonal interaction destinations dislike your blogspot.com label when contrasted and top level area. They don't love to back connection you. In addition, the blogspot.com areas are obstructed by some Internet administration suppliers including China. You can likewise get custom email like admin@your-domain.com with Google Apps. So this time, I am posting orderly manual for set up a custom space utilizing Dot.tk.

Manual for set up a Dot Tk custom space utilizing free DNS administration:

Enrolling Dot Tk Domain:


Go to dot.tk site.

Enter your favoured Dot Tk area name and click Go.

On the off chance that entered space is accessible, you will be pushed for further steps.

Presently it demonstrates accessibility of your space. Free of charge area you have to create least of 25 hits for every 90 days. Free space has same administrations as paid area. Select your decision and proceed onward to next step.

Enter your blogspot URL and set enrollment length as 12 months. Presently sign up with Dot Tk. Here you need to confirm your Dot Tk account via email or you can likewise utilize person to person communication records like Facebook, hurray, gleam and so on.

Speck Tk settings in Blogger:


Log on to your blogger account.

Go to Settings and discover Publishing alternative in your dashboard. Presently click on Add a Custom Domain. You will be incited to purchase a space for your site.

Basically click on Switch to cutting edge settings. At that point enter your Dot Tk space with www in the spot of www.filmyhub.tk (as demonstrated in the picture). Presently you need to check area proprietorship by including two CNAME records. For this, click on Settings directions. You will be arrived to a page that having rapidly produced CNAME value with point by point set up directions.

DNS Configurations in Dot TK:


Presently log on to your Dot Tk record and click on Domain Panel. It gives the rundown of your Dot Tk Domains. Presently, click on Modify alternative to arrange DNS Settings for your area.

Here, you will get a pop up window of Domain settings. Select Dot TK DNS Service and design your DNS settings like above demonstrated screenshot as per your space name. You will discover progressively created CNAME values in underneath picture.

For the first CNAME, enter Host Name as "www" and IP address as "ghs.google.com". It is settled for any web journal. Second CNAME record needs alterably created qualities. It means Host name with progressively created name (which is highlighted in blue) and IP Address with powerfully produced quality like "gv-

To make your exposed space accessible, you need to include A record with emulating points of interest. select record sort as A record, then fill Host Name field with your speck tk space without www (case: filmyhub.tk ) and IP address as

Before you move onto next step, hold up around 30 min or a hour for your DNS settings to initiate.

Sparing Custom Domain settings in Blogger:


Again go to cutting edge settings that designed in second venture under distributed and spare them. In the event that you recover any lapse, come after eventually and spare settings.

When you are finished with sparing, under distributed alter your custom space and set redirection choice by putting tick stamp as indicated in picture.

In the event that you have any inconvenience in emulating any step, put a remark that helps me to get you back.

Jingling Traffic Generator Software User Manual Guide

by Jalore Info System  |  in Traffic Generator at  04:01
Bland Traffic is precisely the same as with the past variant of the Wizard capacity, gives complete capacities, the product fundamental interface

1. Include the URL that interestingly distinguishes the site number: include the same URL, diverse Urls numbers the mouse click URL ID number to the clipboard will be replicated;

2. URL (ID): Share activity site, if the info is an on line administration focus URL number is the number relating to the on line administration focus URL Share streams mouse click URL will be replicated to the URL to the clipboard, click behind the Modify catch to adjust offering movement site;

3 Flow: visit our Web webpage on that day the IP number, foundation advancement bar to overhaul the advancement of the activity information will show the current advancement of the definite data, float over;

4 URL Status: URL which the state site status is an essential reference for programming running typical, drift over the itemized status data will be shown when the above URL status variations from the norm beyond any doubt the mouse float View nutty gritty data in the above;

 5. Webpage control: open/ stop control the site in the event that you need to impart movement beginning and halting, there will be a deferral of around 10 minutes, Delete is utilized to erase the article URL;

6. Stream control: used to clamp the stream bend to the framing of a particular stream bend, the area used to control the stream zone to bend control and territorial activity control will influence the aggregate sum, make certain to utilize alert, took after by a definite depiction is;

7. Set: used to set up a sub-page get to pop mode, end of the line URL, source URL, is prescribed for transitional and progressed clients, adapting precisely before utilizing activity advancement information;

8. Include the non specific streams URL: used to add activity to impart the URL must begin to http:// or https// at the start of the complete arrangement URL;

9. Include the line tie Website: URL number used to include on-line administrations focus where the product is utilized just for on-snare to produce movement and other set operations are completed in the administration focus;

The bend control capacity interface, as demonstrated: 

1. The time section: speaks to an alternate time of 24 hours a day, an aggregate of 24 time portions;

2. The clamping degree: the squeezing proportion, the stream rate of each one time period through the layering of the stream rate of each one time period to structure a coveted stream rate bend, 100% demonstrates no packing, 0% shows all packed;

3. Capacity catches: "Spare Settings" setting results submitted for setting the "Reset Settings" for the setting before acquiring data, "default" does not clamp movement utilizing the framework default stream bend, "Wipe out" is utilized to cross out all operations to come back to the primary interface;

Note: The control bend will layer the aggregate stream, must be utilized with alert. 

Local control capacity interface, as demonstrated: 

1. The district set: select the ranges activity is not chosen movement will be separated out of the area;

2. Capacity catches: "Spare Settings" the accommodation settings used to set complete results, "Reset Settings" for set up data before acquiring a "default" to utilize the framework default region to "cross out" is utilized to wipe out all present operation to come back to the principle interface;

Note: The control area will channel non-chose provincial activity, results will diminish in the aggregate stream, must be utilized with alert;

Advancement settings capacity interface, as indicated: 

1. IP/ PV extent: Set the quantity of the product to get to the sub-pages to enhance PV sum, is situated to no right to gain entrance to a sub-page, points of interest please allude to the activity streamlining - sub-page access ;

2. Programmed access: the include locales irregular access sub-page, the quantity of visits is controlled by IP and PV extent;

3. Rehash invigorate: access the Add URL, don't get to the sub-pages, rehash revive the page that opens, added URL to bounce, then revive the page after the hop;

4. Re access: get to the Add URL to get to the sub-pages, re-return to the include URL, site have included bounce, will hop each one visit;

5. Matching access: set up a matching gimmick string Find sub pages string just contains the qualities of the sub-page connection will be gotten to;

6. To empower popup mode: scout pop mode empowered, will permit the URL you pop visit subtle elements please allude to the movement enhancement - pop mode ;

7. empower the objective URL: check empowered on the target URL to produce results, you need to set the source URL, the target URL settings, please allude to Traffic Optimization - Destination URL ;

8. the target rubdown: show the quantity of the current objective URL and end URL set;

9. Include/ erase a focus: to include and erase the objective URL, definite reference stream streamlining - the goal URL and download stream wizard test instruments assistant utilized within conjunction;

10. Empowered the source URL: check empowered on the source URL, source URL you set to produce results, points of interest please allude to the movement streamlining - source URL ;

11.Can be set source/ immediate access/ source URL run-down: source URL can be added to the number and immediate access is not the wellspring of the stream degree of the source URL data has been included;

12. Include/ change/ erase the source: for information to include/ alter/ erase the source URL and additionally the extent of the aggregate movement sources, subtle elements please allude to the activity enhancement - source URL ;

13, OK/ Cancel: After setting, click OK to spare your settings, point to come back to the principle interface to scratch off does not spare;

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